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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Getting kids outside is a challenge. As video games and other social communications online are increasing, the challenge is to make sure kids are physically active and not just active on their video game systems.

First, we need to acknowledge that not all kids are made the same. Some prefer hiking and larger sports activities and others prefer chess. Bring your child and their game of choice, such as puzzles or books, outside.

Never underestimate the benefits of having a friend over. Even at an older age, chances are if you are frustrated with your child having too much ‘couch-time’, so are their friends’ parents. Arrange for them to get together to hang out. Encourage them to take the party outside. If you really cannot get them outside because of electronics, get them outside WITH their electronics. Most devices have photo capture capabilities, so heading out for a hike with the goal to capture the best leaves, or most bugs will encourage social interaction outside, even for the teens.

It is important to remember that using these simple ideas might take some getting used to for children who don’t prefer to be outside. Begin with a short time and encourage longer and longer time outside.

Spring time is an excellent time for your child to be outdoors and enjoy the changes in nature. Your child’s brain is like the roots of a flower, eager to soak in everything around them to further grow and develop after being bundled up indoors for the winter. Going on a nature walk, playing at the park, or even a quick game of tag are great ways to move, touch, feel, see, and engage the senses, allowing for your child to integrate information and respond in an adaptive or appropriate way.  Partaking in these spring activities are great ways for your child to develop his/her sensory processing and a wide variety of skills, nourishing the body and the brain.

Why Use Crafts for Speech and Language Development?

Craft activities are great for improving a child’s speech and language skills!  Not only are they fun to do, but they also work on a variety of speech and language skills without even trying to.  Plus, children will have a physical product as a result of the activity.  That will help them remember the activity later (improving recall) and will provide them with a conversation piece that will allow them to recap the speech/language activity when someone else asks them about it.  This allows them to practice the speech and language skill again!

Here are some speech and language areas that are improved through use of craft activities:

  • Following Directions
  • Listening
  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary
  • Recalling Past Events

You can also use crafts to target other speech and language skills as well.  Here are some ways
you can target other skills:

  • Speech Sounds: Create a craft that uses a lot of pieces that contain the child’s target sound.
  • Asking and Answering Questions: Ask the child a variety of questions about the craft.
  • Grammar: Target specific grammatical structures in your instructions or recall.
  • Fluency: Practice telling and retelling the steps to an activity with slow, easy speech.

Check out our Facebook page this spring for craft ideas.

Send us a picture or post to our Facebook page, a photo of your child as they are participating in a spring craft or activity to be entered in a drawing for a $15 gift certificate to Target.

Autism Awareness

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Please join us in wearing blue the week of
April 2nd to 6th. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) also promotes Autism
Acceptance Month during the month of April. Visit to learn more

Family Afternoon Out

Save the Date May 19th! Metro is planning a fun afternoon at a local park for clients and families. More details to come!

Miracle League of Blaine

Metro Therapy is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Miracle League of Blaine. The Miracle League has been providing children with disabilities from the ages of 3-21 the opportunity to play baseball. Please check out our facebook page for information on how to register for the spring/summer league!

Clinic Closures

Metro Therapy will be closed Monday May 28th for Memorial Day.

Summer Schedule Changes

If you need to make a schedule change for the summer, please let Monica know as soon as you can for your preferred session times.

Continuing Education

Becka Haensel completed the Stanley Greenspan Floortime Model course. It was a course that goes through different developmental levels of communication. Then walks you through how to reach the kids at their current level and help them increase their current level of communication.

Becka Haensel, Katy Fischer, Jessica Parades, Lindsey Brown, Kelsey Olson all completed “Sensory vs. Behavior Course”. This describes when the root of the meltdown is sensory or behavior.

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